Sunday, January 10, 2010

not so sure

I thought I had a fairly decent idea of what I wanted in my head for the kid's bathroom. All that went out the window when I didn't find exactly what I was imagining. So now I'm stuck on a few options. None of them really scream "kids bathroom", but it does double as our main guest bathroom. I found all of the shower curtains at Target. My goal for all of these improvement projects is to spend little while still keeping it unique.

Yellow was originally in my head. I love yellow and gray. But, I'm really loving the second option with the large blue and yellow print. The third is my least favorite, but I'm a sucker for green. I'm not sure the gray would be bright enough for the small room. What do you think?

kids, bathroom, design, paint, shower curtain


  1. i actually LOVE the third one. i think that's the exact color of fin's bedroom! i had a light grey bathroom once and it was lovely. sorry, but i vote for #3! ;)

  2. I like the second one, the blue one. but my eyes are accustomed to blue around here.

  3. I like the second and third ones best. I'm a huge fan of light blue, especially in bathrooms. Fun!

  4. thanks for the opinions ladies...I think I'm leaning towards #3. I can't resist green and I'm thinking if I do a light enough gray on the walls it will be a lot lighter than what we have now....more posts to come!