Monday, June 14, 2010

work trumps blog

One of the people I follow on twitter posted this morning, "work trumps blog again." I'm sure this is no surprise here, that is often the case with my blog as well. Although my posts may be few and far between...I do like keeping it up when the time presents itself. Right now for instance.

It's been a long few days with a sick little boy. My daughter and I almost never get really, that's what I'm used to. Shouldn't everyone be like us? My little man was topping out at 104.2 this weekend. That's a little high for my taste. He's finally feeling better this morning and I am finally feeling like I can get back to normal. You know, sleeping past 4am, doing things around the house without a one year old attached to my know, things like that.

Summer has been underway for a couple weeks now. I was planning to take some Mom time during the week, and work a little less. So far, summer has been crazy, so hopefully we'll get into a new routine soon. Here's Hailey and I at her Lunch for Moms at the end of preschool.


Hailey had a great week last week at Dance Camp. She has been asking to "do dance" for a while. We decided to try out a week-long summer camp, with her friend Josie, to see if she liked it, before investing in all the shoes, leotards and froofy outfits. Here are a few photos from her end of the week performance, it was adorable! (side note: both Hailey and Josie are wearing their mother's ballet shoes)



In other news, Hailey finally got a bike! She has been riding a tiny tricycle for a while. We were going to get it for her birthday, but decided the end of summer would be kind of silly. Its going to take a bit of practice, but she's getting the hang of it.


Happy Monday all!


  1. Beautiful Adorable pics!!! Thanks for entering my giveaway!