Sunday, April 4, 2010

too many windows open

I just saw Chris Brogan, a social media advisor and author, say on twitter that he has too many things to do and has too many windows open. It was one of those moments where someone else describes exactly how you feel and somehow clarifies it for you. I think I've said it before, I have trouble saying no. I have trouble saying it to myself and to other people.

I started my stationery business about five years ago while I was working at a design firm full-time. I worked on it in the evenings until I quit the firm four years ago to do the stationery, while keeping some of my clients from the firm for freelance work. In the past four years that I've been doing freelance work I've never had to look for work. Through word of mouth, I'm consistently getting new projects and clients. (And I can't say no, remember?) So, I take them all on. I tell myself I can stay up until 2am rather than the normal 12am. I don't want to let people down and normally, they're fun projects.

But to be honest. I'm exhausted. So, as I think through this as I type...I think it's time to make some choices. A person can only go so long with little sleep and working all the time...or so I imagine, I'd rather not find out. I decided to post this in hopes of being held accountable. I've got more thinking to do...but if you don't see a post with some changes in the near future, yell at me, ok?

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