Friday, February 5, 2010

always room for improvement

As I mentioned a few posts ago, the lovely Tara Gentile from Scoutie Girl Blog was offering free blog advice on her personal blog. That was a lot of the word "blog" for one sentence, but anyway, it's high time I took her suggestions and made some improvements around here! You can see her "like its" and "things to improve" here in the full post.

A few of her tips were to:

1. Rearrange my sidebar based on the average length of my post, make sure the most important stuff is contained in that range. Check.

2. Make it easy to find me through facebook, twitter, email, carrier pigeon, well...everywhere basically. To be honest, I use facebook for people i know in real life, just to catch up on what they're doing, but the rest have been added. Check.

3. Show me the work! She raised the question based on how many of my posts were work related. I definitely spend a lot of time working, but a lot of the work is freelance, so I'm working on coming up with a way to get more of my posts about me actually designing. Needs Improvement.

4. Post about the retails stores that carry my wholesale products was her last tip. I thought this was a wonderful suggestion! I have a store working on an interview this week, so watch for that. Coming soon.

Thanks again Tara for the blog help.

1 comment:

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